Mission and Philosophy Statement

Diamond Quality Care Inc’s mission and goals are to help design and operate services centered around the needs and preferences of citizens with intellectual development disabilities (IDD) by enabling them to lead healthy, independent, and productive lives to the fullest extent possible. We help these people exercise their rights as citizens of their communities, state, and country while promoting the integrity and well-being of their families.

We are committed to serving individuals who have IDD in all aspects of their lives. We believe that relationship building for service recipients should be with their surroundings and not limited to the paid staff. We will help nurture friendships outside of the family and the staff in the community for a successful experience.

Diamond Quality Care Inc believes all people should be empowered with freedom of choice, experience, and growth from consequences that every choice brings. They should have the ability to seek support or help with those consequences – good or bad. We help those we serve by providing residential service programs which support service recipients in and through their choices.

Our goal is to support the service recipient by encouraging personal independence, respect, and dignity. We support and help that person obtain his needs and wants, create his desires and dreams with goal structures to pursue them, promote a healthy and safe lifestyle, and ensure happiness and joy through successful community participation and recognition.